Industrial Ethernet / Network Management / EDS-SNMP OPC Server Pro


OPC server software that works with all SNMP devices

 EDS-SNMP OPC Server Pro


Moxa's EDS-SNMP OPC Server Pro provides a user-editable Tag file for any SNMP device. Use the default MIB file, or create and edit a standard or private MIB to generate a dedicated Tag file. This powerful function lets operators use an existing HMI software environment to create a customized and real time view of the integrity of all Ethernet network devices, the overall Ethernet network traffic volume, and overall Ethernet network status. Moxa's managed Ethernet switches are ideally suited for connecting Ethernet-enabled industrial devices systemsin your mission critical applications.

Combined with EDS-SNMP OPC Server Pro software, your HMI (Human Machine Interface) packages and SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) software will be turned into a complete remote network traffic and status monitoring tool. This solution gives control engineers the power to monitor the network from a central location with existing and familiar visualization and control applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • "Broadcast search" the network for Moxa's managed Ethernet switches and any SNMPdevice
  • Easy to create andedit the configuration of connected devices in advance
  • Easy to create andedit the MIB Template for dedicated tag file of any SNMP device
  • User-definable tagfile meets the requirements of many different applications