Eliminate upstream and downstream boundaries to ensure seamless cross-enterprise collaboration


  •  No need to change production machines
  • Minimize downtime
  • Safe and efficient solution; no IoT Edge development knowledge required
  • Real-time production facility adjustment makes production systems more flexible
  • Easy and comprehensive production traceability

With this solution, upstream and downstream supply chain users can collect real-time data via remote data acquisition modules. The data can then be uploaded to the cloud via an IoT gateway. This allows a central location to incorporate real-time data into systems in the field, thereby enhancing production flexibility.

Supported by an IoT gateway, our Trusted Platform Module (TPM) can be quickly deployed as a remote monitoring system. This can be realized without modifying the existing architecture and without Linux development skills.



Three tips to accelerate your project success



Easily meet diverse connection requirements

With support for a wide variety of OT/IT communication interfaces and protocols, such as LAN, LTE, Wi-Fi, and NB-IoT, this solution is suitable for many different applications. It also offers Modbus to MQTT and SCADA SDK features, as well as support for public cloud integration.


Secure and reliable data transmission

Moxa's IoT gateway provides OpenVPN over TLS and TPM capabilities to help you establish reliable and secure connections. It's I/O supports SNMPv3 Inform with SHA-2 data encryption technology, further enhancing data transmission security.


Effortless long-term maintenance

Moxa's MIL (Moxa Industrial Linux) is updated regularly. This means developers can focus on critical application development without worrying about the complexity of Linux kernel maintenance. This also makes it easier to ensure development project schedules are met.


Cross-enterprise production collaboration - fast and easy


UC-8200 Series

IIoT gateway with built-in LTE

•  Easily secure data with OpenVPN over TLS
•  Efficient data acquisition and processing for IT/OT applications
•  Tag-based data acquisition with serial and CAN ports


ioThinx 4510 Series

Modular remote I/O adapter with built-in serial ports

•  Supports Modbus/SNMP/RESTful API/MQTT
•  Supports SNMPv3, SNMPv3 Trap, and SNMPv3 Inform with SHA-2 encryption
•  Easy configuration with tool-free wiring and auto scan functionality




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