Why Industrial Network Security and Cybersecurity Are Important


Increasing Connected Devices

According to a survey by IDC, around 40% of the respondents will invest in automation to digitalize their industrial operations.*

Rising Ransomware Cyberattacks

Ransomware has been exploited by malicious parties to conduct untargeted attacks for financial gain.

Targeting Critical Infrastructure

In addition to financial gain, critical infrastructure is being targeted to trigger public panic and threaten national security.


* Future Enterprise Resilience & Spending Survey – Wave 9, IDC, October, 2021

Moxa Secures Your OT Networks With OT/IT Integrated Security

With an ongoing commitment to ensuring reliable connectivity for industrial environments, Moxa has enhanced its network security portfolio with Industrial Cybersecurity Solution to mitigate cyberthreats against industrial networks. 

Moxa's Industrial Network Security Reference Architecture

Safeguarding an Energy Storage System

Embrace the defense-in-depth concept and leverage deep packet inspection technology to deliver strong vertical and horizontal network protection.


Enhancing Cybersecurity for a Data Center

Embedded security functions and easy-to-use configuration tools seamlessly strengthen network protection for a data center.


Why Moxa

To close the gap between the OT and IT worlds, Moxa offers coordinated solutions that are designed to completely protect your industrial networks.


Unite Networking and Cybersecurity

Moxa unites industrial networking and cybersecurity expertise to provide layered protection for your industrial networks.

Continuously Enhancing Security

Moxa takes a proactive approach to protect our products from security vulnerabilities and help our customers better manage security risks.

Development for IT/OT Security

Moxa has partnered with TXOne Networks to respond to the growing security needs of industries as well as the security demands from IT/OT personnel.




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