Strengthen Your Network Resilience With Our Game-changing Managed Switches

The EDS-4000/G4000 Series industrial managed Ethernet switches are game-changing solutions for industrial networking. The strengthened security, easy-to-use design, and high performance coupled with high reliability strengthen your network resilience to help you face future networking challenges. With this futureproof networking portfolio, you can effortlessly accelerate your digital transformation.

Why Moxa EDS-4000/G4000 Industrial Managed Switches

Secure Your Industrial Networks

The IEC 62443-4-2 certified EDS-4000/G4000 Series safeguards critical applications along with Moxa's secure networking portfolios to block malicious activity.

Reduce Installation and Operational Complexity

The EDS-4000/G4000 Series can meet multiple application requirements with its easy-to-use design and different power module options.

Accelerate Your OT/IT Convergence

As assets are increasingly interconnected, you'll have to rely on high bandwidth, high-power PoE, and high network availability to accelerate digital transformation.

We Ensure Security Is Part of the DNA of Our Products to Empower
You to Run Existing Industrial Systems Securely With Ease



    • Secure by Design

    • IEC 62443-4-2 Certified

    • Vulnerability Management

    • Secure Boot

    • Device Access Control

    • User Authentication & Authorization

Our Compact Design Reduces Installation Challenges for Your Space-constrained Cabinets


Our Network Visualization Tool Helps You Manage Your Large-scale Industrial Networks Efficiently

Centralized Management

With MXstudio Software

Optimized Switch OS

With an intuitive web GUI and smart search function

Our Modular Power Design Provides Flexible Options for Multiple Applications

Enable Power-intensive Applications With 90-watt 802.3bt PoE
and 2.5GbE Connectivity to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

A Reliable Network With a Rugged Design and Thorough
Testing Will Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

-40˚C to 75˚C Operating Temperature

A Reliable Network With 20 ms Fast Recovery Redundancy Will Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Recovery < 20 ms* up to 250 devices

*Note: If the port link speed is 1 Gigabit or higher, the recovery time is < 50 ms.




Powering Up Your Networks for IP Surveillance Systems

Your IP surveillance systems require not only robust IP cameras that can withstand outdoor environments but also need a powerful network to ensure seamless video data transmission.



Enhancing Network Resilience for Your Industrial Control Systems

See how we develop a reliable and secure network infrastructure for industrial control systems to ensure field data can be delivered with accuracy and integrity.



Networking Evolved Moxa EDS-4000/G4000
Industrial Managed Switches

Comprehensive Portfolio: 68 Models


EDS-4008 Series

EDS-4009 Series

EDS-4012 Series EDS-4014 Series EDS-G4012 Series EDS-G4014 Series
Supports PoE - - -
10/100 FE Up to 8 ports 9 ports 8 ports 8 ports - -
GbE Up to 4 ports - 4 ports 4 ports Up to 12 ports 8 ports
2.5 GbE - - - 2 ports Up to 4 ports 6 ports
90 W PoE Ports Up to 4 ports - Up to 8 ports - Up to 8 ports -
Operating Temp. Standard models: -10 to 60°C
Wide temp. models: -40 to 75°C
Power Input Low-voltage models: 12/24/48 VDC
High-voltage models: 110/220 VDC/VAC






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