Seamless Wi-Fi Mobility Is the Key to the Success of  Automated Materials Handling (AMH) Systems


Why adopt AMH systems in manufacturing?

Introducing AMH systems in manufacturing can reduce labor costs and improve safety on the work floor.

Which AMH system has the highest
market potential?

Among the AMH market segments, AGV has the highest potential for growth (CAGR 9.3%*) followed by AS/RS (CAGR 7.7%*), in the 4-year period 2019 to 2024*.

How can wireless solutions help?

AS/RS and AGV systems require seamless Wi-Fi connectivity while on the move, which can only be made possible with a reliable wireless solution that can ensure continuous operation.


* Source: Automated Materials Handling Market in Manufacturing-Forecast to 2024, MarketsandMarkets 

Challenges in Developing Reliable Wireless Solutions for AS/RS and AGV Systems

Deploying wireless communications solutions for AS/RS and AGV systems in warehouses presents some unique challenges.


Why Moxa Wireless Solutions Are a Perfect Match for Your AGV and AS/RS Systems


Reliable Networks for Mobile Operations

To ensure continuous AGV operations, our AWK-1137C wireless
clients feature Turbo Roaming technology to achieve millisecondlevel
handoffs and undergo rigorous testing to ensure suitability for
environments with extreme vibration. Moreover, the unique MAC
Clone function can be enabled on all the AWK-A Series to support
PROFINET communication over wireless networks.

Maximize Wi-Fi Coverage

The MIMO technology available on the AWK-A wireless AP/client
makes field installation easier by maximizing the Wi-Fi coverage
without increasing the number of APs. You can use this technology to
minimize the blockage of the Wi-Fi light of sight of your devices and
easily maximize wireless coverage in warehouses.


Compact but Strong

The AWK-1137C wireless client is small yet strong and comes with
built-in isolation for both power and antenna ports to protect against
interference and noise. The RF isolation provides level-4 ESD
protection on antenna ports to prevent the loss of RF signals and
the power isolation provides 500-volt insulation to protect the
system from unstable power inputs.

Rugged Design

With a wide operating temperature range of -40 to 75°C, the AWK-A
Series wireless products are deployable in cold-storage warehouses.
The AWK-4131A AP/client has an IP68-rated design that is ideal for
deployment in environments with sub-zero temperatures that require
waterproof wireless devices.



Finding a Suitable Wireless Solution for Your AS/RS and AGV Systems

Moxa's wireless solutions provide a variety of functions and interfaces that can fulfill your diverse application needs. The following table lists some common requirements for AGV and AS/RS applications, and the solutions offered by our AWK-A Series of wireless devices:

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