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Data Centers Built for Tomorrow

Australia is one of the global leaders in the data center industry. However, constructing a data center in Sydney while maintaining economies of scale presents significant challenges.

Macquarie Data Centres has implemented a one-off design and multiphase expansion strategy to enhance flexibility. While data center operators recognize the opportunities that come with expansion, they also encounter various challenges.




  • Interoperability Dilemma: Introducing advanced technologies between multiple systems within data center infrastructure can cause interoperability issues.

  • Seamless Provision: The data center was searching for a reliable partner that could address complex networking needs and provide a fully integrated system within a tight deadline. Their goal was to ensure a seamless implementation process for their clients, which included global hyperscalers and Australian Federal Government agencies.


  • Advanced simulation shortens deployment time and reduces defects.

  • The design of this critical power data center automation involved a diverse technology mix. It included PRP/HSR for smart substation protection and RSTP Grouping, a proprietary networking technology that successfully addresses the interoperability challenge. This integration enables data centers to operate with greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


  • The partnership between Moxa, Summit Automation, and Macquarie Data Centres has helped to embrace data center growth and expansion, leading to outstanding success.

  • Today, Macquarie Park Data Centre Campus is a highly functional facility with data centers that support global hyperscalers, federal government agencies, and many Fortune 500 companies.