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Monitoring Operating Conditions for Chemical Fiber Production

Application Production Line Monitoring
Industry Manufacturing
Region China


Chemical fiber production involves multiple processes, including polymerization, pumping, filtration, spinning, and stretching, to transform crude oil into chemical fibers. A chemical fiber plant operator wanted to control and monitor a variety of motors used in production lines through variable frequency drives (VFDs). Since they used a PROFIBUS-based PLC, which is different from Modbus RTU-based VFDs, operators needed a compact and easy-to-use protocol conversion solution.

System Requirements

  • Integrates different protocol communication between PLCs and VFDs quickly
  • A diagnostic tool to identify problems quickly to reduce downtime

Moxa Solution

Our MGate 4101-MB-PBS protocol gateways helped the operator easily integrate numerous VFDs into a PLC, without additional programming efforts. Moxa’s protocol gateways also came with a user-friendly interface to make the device settings efficient at the initial installation. During the daily operation, our MGate 4101-MB-PBS protocol gateways built-in troubleshooting tools, such as fault alarm, protocol diagnostics, and real-time data monitoring, make it easy to find the root cause when a communication error occurs. 

Why Moxa

  • Easy-to-install with a user-friendly interface
  • Supports fault alarm to inform operators when power is lost

Products Used:

MGate 4101-MB-PBS Series

1-port Modbus RTU/ASCII-to-PROFIBUS slave gateways