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Envisioning a Greener Future

GreenPowerMonitor (GPM), a DNV GL company, is a world-leading independent software vendor in the power sector that is playing a significant role in changing the energy landscape in Australia. By leveraging the world’s first data monitoring platform for mixed renewable energy resources that it built, GPM is helping multiple utility-scale solar and wind farms to balance supply with demand in the power grid system. Currently, the combined renewable energy generated using GPMs platform is 1.7 GW.

GPM’s ten-year collaboration with Moxa has provided reliable IIoT connectivity to more than 2000 solar farms, enabling them to prevent data loss, monitor and control energy generation in the solar power plants and the grid, and accurately predict renewable energy needs of consumers.





  • Preventing data loss during acquisition of in-plant data from megawatt base stations and weather stations
  • Monitoring and controlling inverters in real time from miles away
  • Operating in harsh environments


  • Network-redundancy technology that supports superfast fault recovery of under 20 millisecond
  • Industrial Arm-based computers that can process field data within 20 milliseconds and help the Power Plant Controller (PPC) change inverter settings based on the set points to maintain system stability


  • Real-time monitoring and control in solar power plants using reliable IIoT connectivity solutions
  • Seamless communication between inverters in the system