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Industrial Ethernet



Industrial Ethernet switches are used to form the network backbone in most of the mission critical application. Examples of the industrial Ethernet applications include intersections for road side traffic control, telecommunications exchange, mines and quarries, aeronautical installations and military sites, waste water treatment plants, utility substations, and wireless data management.

We offer a wide range of Industrial Ethernet switches with features including network redundancy, seamless integrated security and higher reliability. Our ethernet switch comes with variants of managed, unmanaged, Gigabit Ethernet, Power Over Ethernet, IEC 61850-certified, EN50155-certified and rackmounting.


Moxa's Integrated Industrial Ethernet Solutions Fit any Applications

Key Technologies






Industrial Ethernet Switches

Din-Rail Managed Ethernet Switches

Din-Rail Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

Din-Rail Smart Ethernet Switch

Rackmount Ethernet Switches

Industrial 10Gb Core Switches

Power Over Ethernet Switches

Embedded Ethernet Switches

Media Modules

Fiber Bypass Unit

Network Management Software


Ethernet Media Converters

List of Ethernet Media Converters




IEC 61850-3 Ethernet Switches

Tested with GOOSE compliance and passed IEC 61850-3 & IEEE 1613(conducted by KEMA), it delivers zero packet loss under the harsh EMI environments.


EN 50155 Ethernet Switches

Designed with railway automation and features PoE, bypass relay and Turbo Ring technology.


Industrial Secure Routers 

Firewall/VPN Secure Routers


Industrial Ethernet Gateways 

List of Fieldbus-to-Ethernet Gateways

Network Management 

MXview iNMS (industrial network management software)

OPC Server