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Your Guide to Wireless Networks for AS/RS and AGV Systems
Collecting OT Data for Versatile IT/OT Clouds
  Comprehensive Wireless Train-to-Ground Connectivity
Wireless technology allows modern factories to deploy mobile systems that optimize production efficiency. Read our white paper on building these complex networks smoothly. >> more   With the right technology, IT and OT can integrate their data collection and bring operations data into business intelligence, resource planning, and predictive maintenance systems.
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A fast-moving train needs a solid link to trackside networks for reliable operation of CCTV and CBTC systems. Moxa has solutions customized for this difficult scenario. >> more
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Taking the Trouble out of Troubleshooting Protocol Gateways  
Taking the Trouble out of Troubleshooting Protocol Gateways
Troubleshooting protocol gateways is often a nightmare for engineers. The more protocols are involved, the greater the headache. What's more, the lack of efficient tools to help them pinpoint the root cause of a network failure only makes matters worse. Find out how built-in tools in modern protocol gateways are making troubleshooting a breeze...
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MPC-2070 Series   IIoT Gateway Starter Kit
bullet   MPC-2070 Series
7-inch industrial fanless panel

  bullet   IIoT Gateway Starter Kit
RISC-based edge computer and data
acquisition software evaluation

bullet   White Paper: Building a Future-Proof Data Processing Solution with Intelligent IoT Gateways

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