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Simplify IIoT Connectivity for Industrial Intelligence
Rugged HMI Panels for Tough Environments
  Palm-sized Network Solutions for Any Cabinet
Our edge-to-cloud solutions simplify IIoT connectivity, enabling you to gain real-time insights from machines and to prepare for any possible network interruption. >> more   Moxa's rugged panel computers and displays are ideal for deploying in extreme operating environments for a variety of HMI applications. >> more  
For many reasons, Moxa's new smart switch is ideal for industrial applications. It is easy to use, supports three industrial protocols, and its slim design ensures it can fit into almost any cabinet. >> more
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The Importance of Industrial Network Management  
The Importance of Industrial Network Management
As networks continue to expand and combine with other networks, managing them presents a significant challenge. Although network operators might be aware of what their current network requirements are, they often do not consider what shape their networks might take, or what their requirements will be in a few years' time. Read on to discover how to choose futureproof network management software...
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MQTT—Enabling Edge-device Connectivity in the IIoT Era
Although the MQTT protocol has been around for nearly three decades, the design of the protocol makes it ideal for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications, the latest trend in automation engineering. MQTT is especially helpful in bringing field-site data to cloud platforms. Read on to discover how MQTT can help you overcome the challenges of transforming a traditional OT application to an IIoT application...
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bullet   Application Note: Reliable and Simplified Edge Computing for Factory Automation

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