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Simplifying Connectivity for Remote Monitoring
  Preprocessing large volumes of data from a variety of sensors is critical to optimize results for predictive maintenance. Find out how we can help you simplify connectivity to acquire and preprocess diverse data. >> more
Defend Your Industrial Networks  
We debunk some of the myths about industrial cybersecurity that may put your facilities and businesses at risk. We also take a thorough look at best practices to build defense-in-depth security for your industrial networks. >> more
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IIoT Connectivity  
How to Enable IIoT Connectivity for Virtual Power Plants
In the new power economy, virtual power plants (VPPs) are showing the way by making it possible to aggregate power from various distributed energy resources, providing an efficient platform for green energy trading. We discuss the key challenges faced by VPP operators and how IIoT connectivity can help them overcome these challenges...
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Choosing a Wireless Computer for Your IIoT Applications  
Five Considerations When Choosing a Wireless Computer for Your IIoT Applications
Wireless connectivity is a key enabler in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications, especially in industries that rely on distributed data acquisition from end devices deployed in remote areas. IIoT gateway computers with built-in wireless capabilities are providing the computing power and connectivity options required to make this happen. We discuss five key things to consider when choosing a wireless computer for your IIoT applications...
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