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32-channel IP video surveillance software designed for industrial automation


Features and Benefits

  • Up to 32 channels in one system
  • Built-in OPC server for easy communication with automation systems
  • Live view with H.264, MPEG4, and MJPEG, from VPort products
  • Dual monitor display capability
  • i-frame (key frame) decode only to save system resources for higher priority tasks
  • Video recording with manual, event-triggered, and scheduled recording
  • Playback system with event and time-based search functionality
  • Supports remote live view and remote playback via web access
  • Supports English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified


The SoftNVR-IA 32-channel IP surveillance software is designed for use with industrial applications. One of the key features of SoftNVR-IA is a built-in OPC server, which can communicate directly with industrial automation systems (SCADA, HMI, etc.). To enhance system intelligence, video recording and alarms can be triggered by events such as Digital Input and Video Loss that are supported by SoftNVR-IA, as well as events in automation systems. Most importantly, SoftNVR-IA gives industrial system integrators unlimited capability for integrating IP surveillance systems with automation systems.

OPC Communication

  • Can receive event tags sent from automation system to trigger video recording and other actions
  • Can send event tags to the automation system with system informaiton and the status of each channel

SoftNVR-IA eables OPC communication with SCADA/HMI systems

Live View

  • Supports 1, 4, 6, 9, 10, 13, 16, 25, 32 live display
  • Supports MJPEG, MPEG4, and H.264 video streams (only supports VPort models)
  • Supports up to 32 channels in the camera list
  • Easy-to-use with drag and drop video display selection
  • Can provide snapshot images in JPEG format
  • Supports image tuning, including brightness, saturation, contrast, and hue
  • Supports 2-way audio for voice communication between field sites and the control center
  • Supports dual monitor and full screen display
  • Supports display screen rotation
  • Supports the PTZ control panel defi ned in VPort products
  • Supports i-frame (key frame) decode only, which lowers displayed frame rate immediately to save system resources for other higher priority tasks

Video Record

  • Video recording can be triggered manually or by event
  • Video files are in AVI format, and can be played back on all popular media players (requires SoftNVR-IA codec)
  • The storage hard disk can be selected from network hard drives
  • Supports the FIFO recycle function for long time video recording
  • Can configure the number of days recorded video files will be stored
  • Supports pre-event video recording for up to 30 seconds

Playback & Search

  • Can play back up to 4 recorded videos simultaneously
  • Supports timeline selection when in video playback mode
  • Supports stop, speed up, slow down, rewind frame-by-frame, and forward frame-by-frame
  • Search video records by camera, time, or event
  • Can take snapshot images when in video playback mode


  • Can set up a weekday schedule
  • Schedule settings can be based on camera and event


  • Can load BMP emap for easy camera location identification
  • Maximum 32 emaps can be built in the list
  • Video image can be pop out when targeting the cursor on the camera icon
  • 3 types camera icon and maximum 8 lens direction can be selected
  • Double click on the camera can open the camera's live display video
  • Camera icon can be configured in flash once an alarm is happened

Alarm Events

  • Alarm events: Digital input and Video Loss
  • Can accept events from the automation system via OPC communication
  • Alarm triggered actions: popup display, go preset, play sound, trigger DO (relay)

Remote Access

  • Remote live view via web access
  • Remote playback of recorded video via web acess
  • Capable of searching a specified recorded video by event, time, and camera
  • Remote control of PTZ


  • Automatically search or manually detect the IP address of a video device on the LAN
  • Can configure the server name
  • Can configure multiple email addresses for receiving alarm messages
  • Folder and file names of snapshot images can be customized
  • Maximum 4 groups and 32 users privileges can be setup for different operation purpose



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