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Moxa Embedded Computers for Taipei Metro Onboard Surveillance System

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In Brief Moxa's MC-4615-C23 (customized version) and V2416 (customized version) computers help Taipei Metro construct onboard surveillance system.

Project Introduction

The Taipei Metro was planning to create a surveillance system on their Danshui-Xindian mass transit line. This surveillance system required powerful and reliable computers that tightly integrate with industrial Ethernet switches and monitor onboard IP cameras.



System Requirements

- High system performance for video recording and playback
- EN 50155-certified reliable storage design with vibration and shock resistance
- Fanless design for reliable system operation

Moxa's Solution

Moxa's MC-4615-C23 computers were selected to be deployed in the driver's cab and perform real-time monitoring and playback of the images transmitted from the IP cameras. These images can also be recorded by the MC-4615-C23 computers. From the display located in the driver's cab, the driver can monitor and play back the images from the selected IP cameras. In addition, V2416 computers deployed in each car are responsible for monitoring and recording the images from the IP cameras, allowing the driver to simultaneously view the entire train.

Vibration and shock is a constant concern for rolling stock applications. Both the MC-4615-C23 and V2416 offer an industrial-grade design that withstands vibration and shock. Efficient anti-vibration and anti-shock design eliminates the need for expensive and costly SSD hard disks, allowing reliable applications to be created within a limited budget.


The fanless design for the MC-4615-C23 and V2416 computers reduces the number of potentially unreliable moving parts. Both computers come with the Windows Embedded Standard 2009 platform pre-installed to present a friendly development environment for programmers.

With this winning combination of performance, features, and reliability, the Taipei Metro discovered that the MC-4615-C23 and V2416 computers are ideal solutions for rolling stock surveillance systems.

Why Moxa?

- High performance and reliable system to operate onboard surveillance application
- EN-50155 certification
- Fanless hardware design to ensure reliable operation on trains

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